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December 1, 2006

“Consider the database load issue resolved…” NOT! :)

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I logged in briefly an hour or so after it was announced in the Linden Lab blog that the majority of the post-update database-related problems in Second Life had been resolved.

Initially, things looked good: search seemed to be working again, and I was able to teleport back to my home sim.  I then went to take a snapshot and send it as a postcard.  Unfortunately, the user interface failed to fill in my return address.  That particular field is uneditable: its supposed to be automatically generated by the client application.  Helpfully, the SL client told me that I hadn’t entered my return address..uhm, gee, thanks, but since I’m not actually permitted to edit that field, maybe that’s *your* fault?   I bug reported it, and then decided to see if perhaps it was something that only occurred immediately after teleporting.  So I logged off and logged back in…

Hmmm.   I’m not standing where I loggeded off at.  I’ve been “bumped” to another locale, back to a place I was at one step earlier in this saga.  And it seems that my clothing is missing…well, actually, my entire body- all I am is a floating head and some legs.  Okay, that kind of thing happens now and then- let’s see if we can teleport back home…nope.  Perhaps my sim is down- that happens too, sometimes.  How about that snapshot?  What with my body being invisible and all, it might be sort of comical.  Nope, same error when I try to send it as a post card.  Let’s see if we can find any land for sale…oopsie, the search interface is down again.

I really feel sorry for the Linden Lab folks.  I imagine many of them have packed up and gone home after 20 or more hours of working on problems, feeling relief that things are working properly again before the weekend.  Just wait until they are awakened from their all too brief but well deserved naps to fix yet another database failure…

Maybe its time to look at some transactional message queuing infrastructure between the databases?   I can only speculate where their current challenges may lie…but keeping all of the data stores in sync may be at the root of the current scalability problems.  Alternately, it could be some horrific database design flaw, or something as simple as inadequate database server performance- memory/disk/network/processor upgrades could possibly fix that.

Update: Quite literally as I was typing this, the LL folks (Torley!) posted an update referring to continuing database problems.  Frustrating for them, no doubt. 


November 30, 2006

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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Winter festive season!  Blah, okay, call it what it is- Christmas 🙂

Second Life was patched yesterday, with a number of new features pertaining to chat and numerous other things.  It has been a rocky ride- the update window ran a couple of hours over the 12:00 PM Pacific “deadline”, and then the grid was, shall we say, unstable.   Over a day later and we are still running in “not quite functional” mode

Despite the problems, I was able to do a few things around the store in Mu.  Our friend and neighbor, IceManiac Shatner, has generously allowed us to display his Chubbo/Chubbalina Christmas snowpeople.  They are incredibly cute!

Christmas Chubbo Snowpeople!

I’ve put some display furniture upstairs in the store, but I haven’t loaded everything into the vendor yet- procrastination is my forte. 


I started building our “garden” as well, where Sydona will ultimately place some of her smallish garden “furniture”: gazebos, trellis benches and the like.  Nothing is set up there yet, but the basic groundwork is done. 

I also added a notice board to the store, Dedric Mauriac’s Message Board.   I’d love it if the thing was networked- I could put one copy in each of our retail locations and change the notices from our home.  Am I lazy, or what?

Message board

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