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November 30, 2006

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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Winter festive season!  Blah, okay, call it what it is- Christmas 🙂

Second Life was patched yesterday, with a number of new features pertaining to chat and numerous other things.  It has been a rocky ride- the update window ran a couple of hours over the 12:00 PM Pacific “deadline”, and then the grid was, shall we say, unstable.   Over a day later and we are still running in “not quite functional” mode

Despite the problems, I was able to do a few things around the store in Mu.  Our friend and neighbor, IceManiac Shatner, has generously allowed us to display his Chubbo/Chubbalina Christmas snowpeople.  They are incredibly cute!

Christmas Chubbo Snowpeople!

I’ve put some display furniture upstairs in the store, but I haven’t loaded everything into the vendor yet- procrastination is my forte. 


I started building our “garden” as well, where Sydona will ultimately place some of her smallish garden “furniture”: gazebos, trellis benches and the like.  Nothing is set up there yet, but the basic groundwork is done. 

I also added a notice board to the store, Dedric Mauriac’s Message Board.   I’d love it if the thing was networked- I could put one copy in each of our retail locations and change the notices from our home.  Am I lazy, or what?

Message board


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