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About the Blog 

Hello, and welcome to my Second Life related blog.   Here I will comment periodically about my adventures in Second Life- what I’ve seen, what makes me smile, and what ticks me off.  Although sometimes I am accused of being insightful, don’t expect any great wisdom.  Mostly, I’m setting up this blog as a place to collect some of my thoughts that, to date, I’ve been posting directly on other people’s blogs.

Tomas Hausdorff

My avatar is a Drakkolupen- part dragon, part wolf.  The avatar itself is the work of the very talented Jakkal Dingo, and if you like non-human anthromorphic avatars, her’s are very worth looking at.  Just search for “WereHouse” in Second Life.  You can see some of her avatars on her Werehouse website

To be clear, I am not a “furry” in real life.   I enjoy playing non-human characters when I roleplay, which I have done for over 25 years.  I don’t resent people who call themselves furries, either.  There is room in this world for all sorts of different perspectives and lifestyles.  But you won’t find me at a furry convention, or wearing a fursuit in real life, or … well, any of the things the popular media likes to associate with furry fandom.

My Second Life partner is Sydona Thunders.  We were handfasted  in Second Life earlier this year, and share a home as well as parts of our in-world businesses.  This is a virtual love that does not interfere with my real life- but Sydona herself and the person behind the avatar are both wonderful people.  I’m proud to call her my partner.

I run a small Second Life business, and am so far terribly unsuccessful at it.  I sporadically create things which please me, whenever the mood takes me.  That’s a terrible way to run a business in a virtual world, where extensive product lines and rapid stock changes are the norm.    I’ll occasionally comment about things I’ve created and which are for sale or will be available soon at my vendor locations. 

If you want to know how to get rich in SL, don’t ask me- I build things because I enjoy the process, and I put a few of them up for sale because I’m ever-optimistic that someone else might want what I create.  The people who make a real life living in SL do so by putting in real work- 60+ hour work weeks, business plans, product roadmaps, and the whole nine yards.  Anything less than that, and you have a business like mine- fun, but not exactly financially rewarding. 

About the Real Life Author

Tomas Hausdorff is an avatar in Second Life.   Tomas is  my alter ego- another part of me, but not exactly me.

Who is the man behind the avatar?  I’m a computer geek, middle aged but not yet elderly, living a good middle class life.  I am happily married to a real life woman who is both incredibly special and incredibly important to me.  She knows all about my Second Life, and both Sydona and my real-life wife know fully about each other.

If you need to know who I am in real life, you already do.  If you want to connect the dots, feel free- I’m not hiding anything particularly, but I prefer to keep my real life and Tomas as two separate “people”. 


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