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November 30, 2006

Sometimes Virtual Reality is silly…

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Akela over at Second Life Insider drew my attention today to something in-world that is just a little bit silly: a virtual telephone that let’s you call up other avatars with the same phone and have a text conversation with them.

As Akela points out, the ability to chat with another avatar is already something of a “feature” of Second Life.  It’s called an Instant Message, or more colloquially, a private chat.  In that light, the phone in question seems rather silly: why do you need it? 

But let’s think about this.  The phone is a virtual object simulating a real world function that is already a feature of the real world Second Life client.   Another “silly” class of object in Second Life is the virtual object that simulates a real world function that has no *purpose* in Second Life, and further isn’t even something particularly glamourous in real life.  For example- a virtual garbage can, or a virtual toilet that actually can be “flushed”. 

Which is actually more silly?  Something that actually has a function (the phone) which already exists in Second Life (chat)?  Or something that has no function whatsoever in Second Life and isn’t even particularly desireable in real life?  Maybe I can subscribe to simulated delivery of virtual utility bills, or perhaps what we need is some sort of faux head cold so that we can stay home and be sick rather than go to our alternate-reality jobs.

Right at the moment, I’m actually finding this whole discussion is beginning to make me dizzy.  I think I’ll go take a theoretical nap…


It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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Winter festive season!  Blah, okay, call it what it is- Christmas 🙂

Second Life was patched yesterday, with a number of new features pertaining to chat and numerous other things.  It has been a rocky ride- the update window ran a couple of hours over the 12:00 PM Pacific “deadline”, and then the grid was, shall we say, unstable.   Over a day later and we are still running in “not quite functional” mode

Despite the problems, I was able to do a few things around the store in Mu.  Our friend and neighbor, IceManiac Shatner, has generously allowed us to display his Chubbo/Chubbalina Christmas snowpeople.  They are incredibly cute!

Christmas Chubbo Snowpeople!

I’ve put some display furniture upstairs in the store, but I haven’t loaded everything into the vendor yet- procrastination is my forte. 


I started building our “garden” as well, where Sydona will ultimately place some of her smallish garden “furniture”: gazebos, trellis benches and the like.  Nothing is set up there yet, but the basic groundwork is done. 

I also added a notice board to the store, Dedric Mauriac’s Message Board.   I’d love it if the thing was networked- I could put one copy in each of our retail locations and change the notices from our home.  Am I lazy, or what?

Message board

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